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Prepare Your Home For Departure 

When you prepare to leave your home for an extended period of time we suggest that you

take the following precautions:

  1. Have your mail forwarded or have us pick it up and forward it to you.

  2. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors, thermostats, and security system keypads.

  3. Replace the battery in your sprinkler and irrigation timer box.

  4. Replace your air handler filters.

  5. Your thermostat should be left on cool at no higher than 85 degrees.

  6. Unplug televisions, stereo equipment, computers, etc.

  7. Turn your water heater to vacation, off position, or unplug the unit.

  8. Turn your washing machine water supply valves off.

  9. Empty perishables in your refrigerator, and turn the ice maker off.

10. Cover your outdoor furniture or take it inside.

11. Set automatic timers for indoor lights. Use more than one.

12. Have your trees trimmed, because high winds during monsoon season are less likely

       to do damage if they are trimmed.

13. If you are leaving a car, invest in a trickle charger, or disconnect the battery cable.

14. Notify your landscaper and pool service company that you will have Lookout Home Watch

       making periodic visits to your home. If you do not have these services, arrange for them.

15. Notify Lookout Home Watch a few weeks prior to your departure to resume our service.